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In the not so distant past, achieving one’s personal set goals or dreams required a lot from the person, the individual would have to take on some rather arduous task without much assistance, but these days with the invention, development and constant refinement of technology, achieving success is now a lot easier and although it still takes some individual skill to achieve them, technology has made carrying out tasks simpler and has even helped various individuals hone in better on their abilities. 

There are few tech devices that we can’t do without in our day to day activities, but some of these devices are rather too expensive. There is an e-commerce business though called best accessories where individuals can shop online for tech devices sold at the best prices without having to settle for lesser quality. We shall be taking a look at some of the devices on sale on this site that are simply essential, either because they are useful in our careers or they help improve our quality of life.

Waterproof Smart Wrist Fitness Tracker

Staying in shape is definitely an important aspect of human life and as a result in the increase in the number of overweight people which has logically led to the increased prevalence of health conditions like obesity and cardiovascular diseases. As a consequence, health experts and even governments are now advocating for individuals to lead more active and therefore healthy lives. One way to achieve this is by taking on regular exercise (if not daily), but most people have problems sticking to this health decision because they aren’t able to keep track of their progress. The waterproof Smart Wrist Fitness Tracker is a device that doubles as both a timepiece and a fitness tracker which should help you keep better tabs of your workouts.


The device weighs only 0.15kg, which means its extremely light, so it shouldn’t slow you down during your workout. its rectangular in shape comes in different colors; black, pink, blue, tiffany blue and purple and it has an overall quite aesthetic, slick design.

Material: The band material is made of silica and the dials are plastic, which makes it very durable.


  • Remote control.
  • Social media notifications.
  • LCD Touchscreen Display.
  • Push message function
  • Sleep Tracker
  • Call Reminder
  • Alarm Clock
  • Activity Tracker
  • Bluetooth Connectivity
  • It’s A Waterproof Device
  • The battery capacity of 50mAh has a 1-1 hour 30min. charge time and can last for 5-7 days.

Real-Time Heart Rate Monitoring Waterproof Fitness Tracker

This is another device for the health buffs and also must-have for individuals who are managing cardiovascular disease and so might want to monitor their heart rates at all time, thereby assisting them to significantly cut down the chances of having a cardiac arrest.


Design: It is very light as it weighs 18g, comes in different colors; black, blue, black with blue straps, blue with orange strap and black with orange strap.

Material: Its band is made off Thermoplastic polyurethane which makes it very elastic.


  • Lithium Polymer Battery With 100Mah Capacity
  • LED Touch Screen
  • Heart Rate Monitor
  • Fitness Activity Tracker
  • Waterproof
  • Bluetooth Connectivity

Baseus 2in1 USB Type C 3.0 Hub for Type C to 4K

Because of the functions and features of smartphones, they have now become mobile offices, which carry our files and media, but most mobile phones can’t be connected directly to other electronic devices with larger screens (except the device has wireless connectivity option). This limitation has now been taken care of by devices such as the Baseus 2in1 USB Type C 3.0 Hub for Type C to 4K, which allows easy USB connectivity which should be useful in and around the office or at home.


  • 4k HDMI Resolution
  • High-Quality Video Output
  • It has the possibility to charge your device while performing other tasks.
  • Its designs cover is made out of aluminum alloy, which means that it has a high heat dissipation.
  • The Device is compatible with Type-C Devices, Like Laptops & Smartphones such as Apple Mac Book, Huawei Mate Book, Samsung Note S8 And many other devices which support type-c

10000mAh Xiaomi Power Bank 2

If you are very much reliant on your mobile phone for work and other activities and you are always on the go, then you would definitely understand the importance of a power bank. The 10000mAh Xiaomi Power Bank 2 is a very powerful well-designed power bank that will ensure that your smartphone always has power.


Design: It has a portable, slim, slick design that makes it easy to carry around as it can even fit into your pocket with ease and has an anodized aluminum alloy outer shell.


  • Led indicator
  • Multifunctional buttons
  • Li-Polymer Battery
  • Offers very fast two-way charge

Wireless Bluetooth Earphones

If you are a lover of music, then the Wireless Bluetooth Earphones is surely a must-have for you! As it delivers quality sound for your listening pleasure. The Earphones are magnetic which helps you prevent your cables from being stuck into each other.


StyleMagnetic Wireless Bluetooth Headset
Standby Time200 hours
Run TimeAbout 8 hours
Battery Capacity100mAh Lithium battery
Charging TimeAbout 2 hours

All tech devices available on our site can be shipped and delivered worldwide!

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